WyWires products generate a lot of press and customer testimonials. 


RED Series Headphone Cable:

“...right out of the box I’ve heard a significant difference that I know from past experience will only get better with time. The stock cable is ok, but putting the Red on settled the brightness down without muffling anything, and lowered the noise floor significantly. Lower registers are more detailed and still breaking in. Lovely, really. Just thought you should know, or hear it yet again."

- Jeff Z.

"The bass on the WyWires goes deep, has weight and does not encroach upon the midrange. Notes are very well defined, whole and round..."

- setamp, Head-Fi Community Member, May 2, 2014

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Platinum Series Headphone Cable:

"I could not agree more. I have the Platinum USB and Platinum 4 pin XLR headphone cable. Alex is making a Platinum adapter to use with my soon to arrive Utopia."

- Audio Addict, Head-Fi Community Member, Jan 13, 2017

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Positive Feedback:

"If there is one credo that Alex Sventitsky the founder of WyWires Technology goes by, it is that the accurate reproduction of music is a very complex process and so "One size does not fit all!..."

- Malcolm J. Gomes, Issue 80, July 13, 2015

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Platinum Digital USB:

“That’s what really struck me about your USB... it was this space that really excited me...it reminded me of listening to vinyl versus digital copies. When the recording was quiet, it was instantly quiet, no ghosting or bleeding. When it went from deep bass to high treble, there was the full measure of that change. Bottom line, the space and the air of your USB put the mids of literally every (good) recording I listened to on another level from the other two (comparison cables). Really, really good stuff. As for the other aspects, the bass was powerful, detailed, and hit with bounce and impact. The highs were sweet, detailed, rounded, and perhaps a touch dark. I personally like my highs that way, particularly with digital music.

Overall, a fantastic, musical USB cable. I think you have a real winner on your hands.”

- Henry B., Los Angeles



"...As many cables as I have reviewed, I believe this is only the second time I have thought a power cable deserved a separate review..."

- Jack Roberts, May 2014

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"I never knew that power cables could have such a huge impact !!! We had an immediate improvement in noisefloor, clarity…also more dynamic and more snap."